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Humble and sustainable
From bush 2 brush

The Humble Brush handle is made out of 100% biodegradable bamboo which naturally provides a non-slip surface. Humble brush features an ergonomic grip and it’s sleek and timeless design makes it the perfect must-have accessory in every bathroom.

Did you know that bamboo is not a tree but the fastest growing plant on earth? It is naturally antibacterial which means that there is no need to use fertilizers or pesticides during its cultivation.



Humble Brush is awarded and Safe. All products are Vegan Certified by the Vegan Society and no animal testings are performed.


Made from naturally sustainable BambÖo


Humble honesty

We think it’s important to be transparent. Our bamboo is naturally grown to the desired height and is harvested in mainland in China. The processing, production and packaging are all done by hand. The bamboo gets cut into strips, steamed and stripped of the tough outer layer. It dries in the sun and then gets cut into workable pieces. The outside of the material gets stripped again, and the sides are hand-crafted to form the optimal shape. Holes are drilled into the head, the entire brush is sanded and our logo is laser burned into the handle. It is treated with natural wax and the bristles are inserted. After packaging your Humble Brush is ready for shipping. 



Handcrafted to perfection.

Brush Design

It's in
thE detäils


Humble details


Yes, and there's one big reason why; Humble Brush has to work well as a toothbrush. After extensive testing and prototypes, using a more degradeable nylon was the only answer. All our products therefore use Nylon 6 which degrades faster than lower grades of nylon. The bristles are varied by thickness to provide options for Soft (adult), Medium (Adult - UK Only) and Ultra-soft (kids). Our bristles have been verified to be free from the toxin BPA (Bisphenol A). Nylon 6 is a material ideally suited for dentistry but also degrades over time and can be processsed through regular waste channels. Importantly, there is no other plant-based material that would allow to use your brush for the recommended three months.

Bristles from DuPont are made from Nylon 6. Each bristle is between 0.12-0.25mm thick - the thicker the bristle, the stiffer the brush head.

It's in the details

Laser engräved


To provide a finishing touch, Humble Brush is laser etched with extreme precision using an advanced and precise galvo fiber laser. This laser process also allows us to offer personalised co-branded Humble Brush for use in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes or in sponsorship and merchandise opportunties.

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Humble Brush has no disadvantages to conventional toothbrushes. The eco-friendly bamboo brush will last you just as long as any mass produced plastic toothbrush. It is recommended by dental experts to replace your toothbrush every 3 months.